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Consultant to the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industry

Fields of Experience include corporate and program management, business development, engineering and construction of: 

  • Aromatics Complex and its infrastructure program management in (Singapore)

  • Methanol, Ammonia, Urea complex in (Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran)

  • Master Planning for petrochemical industrial city in (UAE)

  • Integrated Cracker and Aromatics complex in (Brazil, Singapore, Mexico )

  • Olefins, Polyolefin and Derivatives in (Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico)

  • Ethylene Oxide and Ethylene Glycol in (Canada, Brazil)

  • Chemical and fertilizer plants (CO, Acetic Acid, Vinyl Acetate, Butanediol, Cellosize, Ammonia, Urea, Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate) in (Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran)

  • Heavy Oil and Tar sands Refining in (Canada)

  • Oil Refining (Delayed Coking, hydro treating, L-C finer, Debutanizer , Visbreaking), in (Canada)

  • Auxiliary Units (hydrogen production, sulfur recovery, tail gas treatment , sour water stripper, amines), in (Canada)

  • Utilities, Offsite and Infrastructure Projects in ( Multiple countries)

  • Master plan and implementation of Centralized Utilities for a large Petrochemical Complex in (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia)


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