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Our mission in Best Consulting & Enterprise Company (BC&E) is to support our industry owners, developers, operators and contractors to plan and build a profitable and environmentally responsible solutions for their projects.


Our team of experienced professionals at the Best Consulting (BC&E) relies on a deep working knowledge and lessons learned for more than 45 years and in more than 14 countries of the world in development & execution of all kinds of Oil, Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical products. They are able to find solutions for any complex problems or situations to help move the project forward. They can identify the risks and find & recommend easy to follow mitigation solutions.


At Best Consulting (BC&E) we offer & recommend tailor made solution for each problem considering all the available options. We identify issues well in advance of the need date to help the stakeholders make their final decisions..


At Best Consulting (BC&E) we join you to become part of your development and execution team, to add more strength and high level expertise to your organization and to fill any gap or missing positions but only as and when required. 

Mehdi Adib

President & CEO

(+1) 425-283-9494

Consultant to the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industry